About CSK

A group within the Chinmaya Mission Worldwide for evolving adults aged 28-40.


Encouraging self-development for evolving seekers on their changing paths toward self-realization, through inspired thinking, selfless giving and balanced living.


Integrating holistic purpose into one’s responsibilities through satsang, seva and sadhana.


At Chinmaya Mission, children are introduced to spiritual culture through Bala Vihar. The next leg is an exceptionally large wing of the Mission – Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, which is dedicated to harnessing the vibrant and dynamic potential of youthful energy. A Yuva Kendra member is typically 17 to 28 years of age.

Swami Tejomayananda observed the need for a group of young adults that serve as a bridge between the Yuva Kendra and mature age devotees of Chinmaya Mission. At around 28 years, an individual is usually found balancing the act of outgrowing youthful energy and ideas, into practical mainstream life realities.

Study groups and regular programs at local Mission centres serve as a ready platform where the Setukaris (28-40 years) will be at work. Setukari has been a recent addition to Chinmaya Mission’s grass-root activities with the role of ‘building bonds’ between the young and the old in these fast-changing times. Initiated at the World Worker’s Conference held in Pune in December 2012, camps and other activities for this age group are already planned and some even implemented.


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