• 1 . Timings have to be strictly adhered to grace time of fifteen minutes will be given to close the program and all the people will have to leave the hall within the next fifteen minutes.
  • 2 . AC will be switched on one hour before the booking time & will be switched off sharp at the end of program
  • 3 . You can take possession of the hall 3 hours before the booking time
  • 4 . Film music or Western Music of any kind will not be allowed .Carnatic type of music allowed. No obscene dances will be allowed. Music Levels should be under control as there are residences around.
  • 5 . Eatables are not allowed inside the Auditorium. Serving of Snacks is allowed only in the 3rd floor of the auditorium . Only Vegetarian Snacks is allowed. Buffet system is allowed. Snacks can be given to people in packed condition.
  • 6 . Cooking with Gas Cylinder inside our premises or outside (13th Avenue) our premises is not allowed. If any organizer did this type of activities we will force to stop the program.
  • 7 . Left over snacks should not be kept in the premises. No eatables / whatsoever will not be thrown in the premises.
  • 8 . Please note bins have been provided at different places for the cups/plates/ waste papers to be dropped. Make use of the same and keep the place neat.
  • 9 . Cooking or fire of any sort is not allowed in the compound and as well as in the street ( 13th avenue )
  • 10 . Smoking / Spitting in the premises strictly prohibited.
  • 11 . If you are confirming the Hall , you have to pay 50 % advance and balance amount strictly one month before program. If you are booking for the same month you have to pay 100% amount.
  • 12 . In case any drama, Script has to be given. We will go through the same and will revert..
  • 13 . You are not supposed to keep any posters in the Hall using with black /any other type of tape anywhere in the building. Please get permission from the manager to where all you are going to put up banners / standees etc inside or outside Heritage Centre to avoid unnecessary confusions.
  • 14 . Once your program is over , please leave the premises within the next half a hour.
  • 15 . Manager of this Hall has rights to stop the program at any point of time if the above rules and regulations are not adhered to.