Shishu Vihar

Shishu Vihar

Bala Vihar

We at Bala Vihar curate specially designed programs for children of ages 5+ to 13, to bring out their innate qualities and help them grow mentally, physically, spiritually and culturally.



Chinmaya Setukari serves as a bridge between the Yuva Kendra and mature age devotees of Chinmaya Mission

Study Group

Developing an inquiring, reflective mind is the first objective of the Study Group.

Devi Group

The objective of the Devi Group is to impart spiritual knowledge thus empowering women to disseminate the knowledge gathered to their family.


The Central Chinmaya Vanaprastha Sansthan (CCVS) is the senior citizens wing of Chinmaya Mission uniting people over sixty years of age.

Chinmaya Sunday Patashala

Chinmaya Sunday Patashala


The musical wing of Chinmaya mission, aims at experiencing divinity through Bhajans.