About the Center:

Tamaripakkam is situated in Vengal village, in the Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, about 40 kms away from Chennai city. Sarveshwara Dhyana Nilayam temple, situated at Tamaripakkam, has a massive Shiva Lingam which stands 90Ft tall. In fact it is one of the tallest Shiva Lingams in the world and is very unique. The temple is surrounded by 8 acres of land with facility for housing the aged, a Charitable medical centre, a free school, playgrounds, a go-shaala (cowshed), paddy fields, a meditation room, beautiful woods where people can walk in solitude and rooms for mission acharyas, a scintillating aquarium and an auditorium.


Two noble devotees of Gurudev, from Chennai, donated eight acres of land at Tamaripakkam on 27th June 1984, to be used for spiritual purposes at the discretion of Pujya Gurudev. Gurudev meticulously planned and gave the blueprints of the unique model of Dhyana Nilayam with a huge 65ft high Sivalinga-shaped dome, a spacious sprawling circular Satsang hall on the ground floor and the Dhyana Nilayam on the top-floor that was designed by M/s Vybogam Architects.

Gurudev laid the foundation on 29th September 1987. Swamiji also laid the foundation for a number of cottages intended for Senior citizens, called Pitamaha Sadan. The work of construction of the unique Dhyana Nilayam was entrusted to M/s ECC of Larsen & Toubro Limited, who executed the project as desired by Gurudev in record time.

Maha Kumbhabhishekam:

On 15th October 1989, at 10:30am the Maha Kumbhabhishekam was performed at a solemn ceremony. A noteworthy feature of this place is that it is one of the rare places in the world with a "Spatika Lingam" – a precious linga – shaped crystal with a diamond studded crest – brought by Pujya Gurudev. There were great spiritual overtones touching the devotional chords of the devotees including the chief priest of the place, many of whom testified to the thrilling experience of a "Spiritual" shock they experienced as the holy waters collected from the eight famous rivers were being poured by Pujya Gurudev from a silver conch on the "Spatika Lingam".

Temple Activities:

The daily puja offerings, including the Abhishekam, are offered to the granite linga installed beside the "Spatika Linga". Abhishekam is done only once a year to the spatika Linga on Maha Sivaratri day. As we stand in the hall below the "Dhyana Nilayam" and chant mantras and shlokas, the entire hall reverberates, lifting us to ecstatic spiritual heights! This is indeed an unforgettable experience for many devotees. The huge, dark, Linga-shaped dome, rising high into the sky, can be easily mistaken for an atomic energy complex! A rumour legend has it that this dome, peering into the sky, roused the suspicion of the NASA, U.S.A. who, on verification, found that it was not a weapon of annihilation but a symbol of peace for human progress!

Other Facilities:

The Geeta Satsang Hall on the ground floor is a well-ventilated circular prayer hall neatly furnished with a dais, suitable for meditation, discourses, bhajans, satsangs etc.

A free Anant's Medical centre, to cater to the needs of inmates of the Ashram as well as for the villagers around, was declared open by Pujya Gurudev on the installation day. It is a tribute offered by the undiminished enthusiasm and interest of the dedicated team of doctors, as well as Chinmaya Yuva Kendra members, who travel 40kms from Chennai every Sunday morning to offer their services to the sick and the suffering. There is a proposal for an Intensive Care Unit to attend to emergencies, with two beds, and plans to develop the centre into a well-equipped hospital in due course of time.

The educational needs of the children of the locality, deserve the highest priority in any scheme of reconstruction. Pujya Gurudev, foresaw this need and on 22nd February 1990 inaugurated a Free Harihara school. The school is based on the ancient Gurukula system wherein not only education but also the other developmental needs such as food, clothing, medication etc. of the village children are taken care of. The dedicated teachers living with the children guide them and strive to develop the personalities of the children, giving them value-based education.

Thus, a sleepy, little-known village has been slowly transformed into a vigorously active and spiritually inspired place!

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